Upplagt den 20 april, 2022

Postdoc:en handlar om ontologisk brobyggning för att minska negativa klimatförändringar i Maasailand, Tanzania.

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Johannelund lecturer receives EU-funded fellowship
Beth Elness-Hanson, lecturer in Old Testament at Johannelund teologiska högskola, has been awarded the Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship funded by the EU. Elness-Hanson’s postdoc project focuses on ecotheology and is entitled Ontological Bridge-building for Climate Change Mitigation in Maasailand. The goal is to build bridges across conflicting perceptions of climate change in Tanzania.

Indigenous peoples’ knowledge and climate science
The project connects indigenous peoples’ knowledge and climate science and has an ecotheological framework. By developing educational resources in collaboration with end users, the Masai will be educated and equipped in the best possible way to meet climate change. The resources will be specially designed for this context.

Through the postdoc project, Elness-Hanson will collaborate with local church leaders in the Lutheran Church in Tanzania. Together, they will make use of already existing education and society systems.

Local churches make a difference
”In the same way that local churches made a difference to people’s health in connection with the HIV / AIDS epidemic, they can make a difference to the health of the climate,” says Elness-Hanson.

Elness-Hanson is a part-time adjunct associate professor at VID Specialized University, Stavanger, Norway, which is the primary research institution administering the grant and supporting the research project. VID’s Center for Mission and Global Studies has the main responsibility for the project, in collaboration with Tumaini University-Makumira in Tanzania.

The project is three years long and will start in August 2023. For the first two years, Elness-Hanson will be affiliated with Tumaina University in Tanzania, home of the Lutheran Makumira Seminary, while the third year will be at VID’s Center for Mission and Global Studies.

Elness-Hanson previously taught biology at the MaaSae Girls Lutheran Secondary School in Tanzania. Her PhD research deals with intercultural Bible interpretation with the Masai people in northern Tanzania.