Johannelund – Sveriges äldsta teologiska högskola

Johannelund School of Theology.

Johannelund School of Theology


Johannelund School of Theology/Johannelunds teologiska högskola (Jth), founded in 1862, provides:

  • Academic programs in Theology with accredited rigor on undergraduate and graduate levels (non-confessional)
  • Intentional engagement with teachers and holistic integration of studies outside the classroom
  • Preparation for today’s world with both local and global perspectives
  • A school with mot than 150 years of international relations with Africa and options for international travel
  • Affordable living with on-campus apartments (that have easy access to the bus, grocery store, and other community services
  • Adventures to discover in the university town of Uppsala, or in Stockholm ‒ the beautiful capital of Sweden (just a 50-minute train ride away)


Academic programs in Theology

Jth offers (non-confessional) academic programs

Undergraduate level:

  • Higher Education Diploma/Högskolexamen, 120 credits (2 years)
  • Degree of Bachelor/Kandidatexamen,180 credits (Three years)

Graduate/Advanced level:

  • Degree of Master/Magisterexamen, 60 credits (1 year)
  • Degree of Master/Magisterexamen, 120 credits (2 years)


Jth is an independent and accredited university-college. Our accreditation provides the same equal official status as with all universities or colleges in Sweden. Thus, we issue degrees in accordance with the same laws and ordinances, and the Swedish Higher Education Authority (SHEA) evaluates all of our programs. (SHEA is responsible for the quality assurance system for higher education and evaluation reports are available to the public. (1)


Intentional engagement and holistic integration

Drawn to our Reformation-based Lutheran evangelicalism, about 340 students study in full-time, part-time, or distance courses. Many students pursue equipping for ordained ministry in the Swedish Evangelical mission (SEM/EFS) or the Church of Sweden, while other students come from a variety of backgrounds to engage in academic rigor as part of a holistic learning community. Classes may be juxtaposed with mentoring and worship in the midst of a community. Thus, we offer more than intellectual development‒but an education for life.


Old roots – new partnerships

Jth was founded by Swedish Evangelical Mission (SEM/EFS) in 1862 as a seminary for training of Lutheran missionaries and clergy. Our legacy continues, including global perspectives and international partnerships.

We have agreements with several international partners, such as

  • Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (Addis Abeba), Ethiopia
  • Oxford University (Oxford), England
  • Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN), USA
  • VID-Specialized University (Stavanger and Oslo), Norway
  • Norwegian School of Theology (Oslo), Norway


Languages and fees

The courses at Jth are primarily taught in Swedish, but international students can contact the administration for possibilities in taking reading courses, also distance learning courses, in English.

The courses are free of charge in you are an EU-member or come is a student from an institution with an exchange agreement with Jth.


On-campus apartments

We can offer some students affordable living in on-campus student rooms. (2)


Uppsala, Sweden

Jth is situated in Uppsala, a university town with a unique university library (population: 200,000) and the archbishopric of the Church of Sweden, with a beautiful gothic cathedral. Close by is Sweden’s most important historical sites form the Viking era. (3)

You are in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, within an hour by train or car, a city with plentiful of attractions and a beautiful archipelago.


Welcome to contact us! Welcome to join us on an exciting journey!

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Lärarna är pedagogiska och tar sig tid för samtal, så det blir personligt. // Linnea Skog