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Dialogue with Africa: An Academic Conference on 12 April.

Dialogue with Africa:
Early Ethiopian Theology and Current Pastoral Theology in Africa

Strengthening cross-cultural dialogue, this conference presents the doctoral work of six women from Ethiopia, Madagascar, South Africa and Norway conducting their research in the United Kingdom and Norway. Johannelund is delighted to host this conference in partnership with VID Specialized University, Stavanger, Norway.


Early Ethiopian Theology:

Sofanit T. Abebe, University of Edinburgh – A comparative analysis of the eschatologies of 1 Enoch and 1 Peter

Meron T. Gebreananaye, University of Durham – Modes of Reception in Early Christian Ascetic Texts

Fanos W. Tsegaye, St Andrews University – Prayers Addressed to Christ: A Historical -Theological Analysis of the Ethiopic Anaphorae

Current Pastoral Theology in Africa:

Kjersti Wee, VID Specialized University – Tentative topic: A critical presentation of Madipoane Masenya’s bosadi approach

Thokozile Phiri, VID Specialized University – The role of religion in addressing women’s sexual reproductive health and rights: A qualitative case study of the Anglican Church in Cape Town, South Africa

Zo Ramiandra Rakotoarison, VID Specialized University – Faith-oriented and asset-based community development in a Malagasy context: a qualitative study of Use Your Talents


12 April 2019, 09–17

Johannelund School of Theology
Heidenstamsgatan 75, Uppsala

Registration and Check In starts at 9:00 am with the first session starting at 9:30 am. Sessions continue through 16:30

The conference does not have a registration fee. However, to reserve meals and fika, please register and pre-pay here.

Registration for meals is now closed. 


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Det finns en samhörighet mellan de lärare, studenter och personal som tillsammans bygger skolan. // Markus Holmström