Johannelund – Sveriges äldsta teologiska högskola

International Students.

Johannelund School of  Theology regularly receives applications from foreign students who wish to study at Johannelund. While we warmly welcome the presence of international students, we wish to inform prospective students of the following:

  1. The language of instruction for undergraduate studies at Johannelund is normally in Swedish. Non-Swedes who apply to a Swedish undergraduate degree programme must first demonstrate satisfactory proficiency in the Swedish language. An adequate knowledge of Swedish is exhibited by passing the national language examination (TISUS). Information about this language examination can be obtained from the Swedish Embassy in your country.
  2. Swedish universities and colleges do not offer financial aid or scholarships. International students must therefore have sufficient financial resources to cover all living expenses for the duration of the degree programme.
  3. Students who are already enrolled in a degree programme at a non-Swedish theological seminary and wish to come to Johannelund as an exchange student are governed by separate regulations and are encouraged to contact the Student Dean directly for further information.

Please note that Johannelund’s pastoral degree programmes are intended primarily to provide training for pastoral service in Sweden. The international students who have been enrolled at Johannelund, have generally already lived in Sweden, spoken the Swedish language and intend to minister in Sweden upon completion of their degree.

It is far from certain that Johannelund’s programmes offer adequate training for ministry outside of Sweden. If you are preparing for the ministry in another cultural situation, we advise you to apply first to theological programmes designed for pastoral ministry in that particular context.

Det finns olikheter i åsikter och teologi på skolan eftersom man kommer från olika traditioner. Men, alla ha samma mål. // Annahita Parsan