Upplagt den 20 juni, 2018

Johannelund School of Theology/Johannelunds Teologiska Högskola (JTH) is a Swedish University College founded by Swedish Evangelical Mission (SEM/EFS) in 1862 as a seminary for training of Lutheran missionaries and priests. It is the oldest non-governmental School of Theology in Sweden, situated in the city of Uppsala, close to the University of Uppsala, founded in 1477, and its unique university library.

JTH is an independent School/College recognized by the Government and has equal official value as all recognized universities or colleges in Sweden. The same law governs all state higher education institutions and all Swedish degrees are issued in accordance with the same degree ordinances. All programmes are evaluated by the Swedish Higher Education Authority (SHEA). SHEA is responsible for the quality assurance system for higher education. Evaluation reports are public.1

Today, about 340 students are enrolled in full-time, part-time or distance courses. JTH welcomes students from a variety backgrounds in a climate of academic rigour, challenging issues, and international influences and contact.

JTH offers (non-confessional) academic programmes at undergraduate and graduate/advanced levels in Theology:

Undergraduate level:

· Higher Education Diploma/Högskolexamen, 120 credits

· Degree of Bachelor/Kandidatexamen,180 credits

Graduate/Advanced level:

· Degree of Master/Magisterexamen, 60 credits

· Degree of Master/Magisterexamen, 120 credits

The Seminary training at the School is still Evangelial Lutheran and most students taking part of this training will hold positions in SEM/EFS or the Church of Sweden.

JTH has agreements, and possibilities of exchanges, with several international partners, such as VID-Specialized University in Stavanger and Olso, Norway, Norwegian Scook of Theology, Oslo, Norway, Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, Luther Seminary, USA, and Oxford University, England.

The courses at JTH are primarily taught in Swedish, but international students can contact the administration for possibilities in taking reading courses in English.

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